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A content-packed online Introduction course to Interior Design covering the fundamental principles and guidelines for creating beautiful spaces.  This online course is great for budding designers interested in an Interior Design career, and design enthusiasts keen to apply a professional touch to their personal home projects. Natalie guides you through the 10 modules via videos, worksheets and Facebook live sessions. Modules will be released through an online member portal twice a week. You'll be able to access released modules at your own time and convenience! 

This course has been specially put together to reflect a relevant and practical approach towards Interior Design in Ghana.  As a practicing Interior Designer in Ghana for over 12 years, Natalie will share real life successes and failures, granting you a behind the scenes look into the realities of this profession.

Participants will have access to a private Facebook group page during the 5 weeks course duration and receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion!

Course Outline

MODULE 1: What is it?

In this first module we'll explore the definition of Interior Design and what the role of an Interior Designer is. Let's make sure you know what you're getting yourself into and get you amped for the journey ahead! Take a couple of quizzes at the end of this module to discover your personal design style and get to know your personality to understand what will drive your Design journey- we're digging deep!

MODULE 2: Elements & Principles

At the core of every design practice are the founding pillars that serve as guidelines and laws. Think of these 7 Elements and 7 Principles of Design as the ingredients to a tried & tested winning recipe of Good Design. Learn them,  understand them, apply them... and then break them at your own risk and reward! This module will be accompanied with worksheets and a field assignment. (no shaking! It'll be fun!)

MODULE 3: Colour Theory

When most people think about Interior Design they immediately think about room colour schemes, am I right?! Colour is only one of several elements that constitute design. However, it is a prominent and technical topic that requires it's own focused attention. We'll look at the theoretical side of colour and touch lightly on colour psychology. Through worksheets and a hands-on assignment you'll learn and practice how to apply this knowledge to create your own unique colour stories.

MODULE 4: Finishes & Furnishings

The fun bit! In this module we finally get to the actual business of designing! You'll learn the various terms and categories of material finishes and furniture types. I'll be sharing tips on how to successfully curate furniture and finishes for a room design and share demonstrations on how to style like a pro. Your assignment for this week will be try your hands at styling using the tips & tricks learnt. Your styling game is about to enter a whole new level of confidence!

MODULE 5: Lighting, Electricals & Ventilation

The feeling and function of a space isn't successful without consideration to lighting, electricals and ventilation. (Can we all agree to make unsightly trunking a thing of the past?!) We'll be covering the various types of lighting and their applications, as well as the electrical and ventilation accommodations necessary to complete a room design. A worksheet assignment will introduce you to electrical & lighting symbols. This will allow you to practice how to read basic electrical plans and detail your own floor plans for clear communication to your project Electricians- super useful!

MODULE 6: The Design Process

Taking on a design project can be overwhelming- where do you start from and how do you keep track of all your ideas? The Design Process is a methodological step-by-step approach to managing your design project. This process ensures that you tackle your design challenge with informed creativity and due diligence. It will be a learned life-long tool you can apply not only to your design projects but to any large task you are faced with. 

MODULE 7: Concept Boards & Presentation Techniques

Communicating your bomb design ideas to others can be difficult and frustrating. The most practical and effective way to share a design idea is with a concept or moodboard. You don't require complex software skills and many hours of training to achieve this- We'll learn how to create a concept board quickly and professionally. We'll also be looking at effective presentation techniques all in an effort to successfully engage, communicate and convince clients to buy into your design solution.

MODULE 8: Spatial Planning & Floor Plans

Spatial planning is a quick way to identify how a room will function- where to place the TV... should the bed be against this wall etc. By learning how to create a basic two-dimensional floor plan you can clearly see how best a room would work with furniture in it, as well as how its users will navigate the space. This module will teach you how to create a basic floor plan for your room project- from measuring a space to positioning furniture to dimensioning and labelling your floor plan. You will be required to download a specified (free trial-run) software for this module.

MODULE 9: The Business of Interior Design

You're going to want to get out your power suit and boss-attitude on for this one! In this module we'll look at how to set up an Interior Design Studio, how to brand your business, how to determine your overheads, how to structure your fees, the art of negotiation, and  how to sustain and grow your business. We'll share real-life case studies and discuss the concerns, challenges and victories of running an Interior Design business in Ghana. Your completed workbook will act as a mini business plan to get you on your way!

MODULE 10: Budgets & Project Management

Our final module will show you how to create a working budget breakdown for your design project so that you are able to determine and manage cost during a project- critical! We'll also share basic project management tips and guidelines which will include creating a work schedule, managing tradesmen and craftsmen and how to manage client expectations (so so important!) 

BONUS MODULE: to be disclosed upon member access

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About the Facilitator

Natalie Anderson is a Ghanaian/British Interior Designer. In 2007, she founded award-winning commercial design and build firm DESIGNEXPRESS Ltd. with a mission to promote and develop Contemporary Ghanaian Interior Design. Over the last 12 years, DESIGNEXPRESS has worked on projects with clients such as Vodafone Ghana, Stanbic Bank, Fidelity Bank, Surfline, Kosmos Energy and Barclays Bank to name a few. A graduate of Industrial Design from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa, Natalie’s training enables an innovative approach to  Interior Design. Her passion, understanding, and respect for products, materials and fabrication processes is evident in the authentic spaces she designs. In 2016, Natalie founded Akese Design Workshops for aspiring creatives to engage, learn and explore creative skillsets from industry experts. Natalie is a member and the Training Coordinator of the Interior Designers & Decorators Ghana (IDDG), an association for Interior Designers, Decorators and industry affiliates in Ghana.

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