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Aug 23, 2021 - Sep 25, 2021

Introduction to Interior Design

  • 34Days


A content-packed online Introduction course to Interior Design covering the fundamental principles and guidelines for creating beautiful spaces. This online course is great for budding designers interested in an Interior Design career, and design enthusiasts keen to apply a professional touch to their personal home projects. Natalie guides you through the 10 modules via videos, worksheets and Facebook live sessions. Modules will be released through an online member portal twice a week. You'll be able to access released modules at your own time and convenience! ​ MODULE 1: What is it? MODULE 2: Elements & Principles MODULE 3: Colour Theory MODULE 4: Finishes & Furnishings MODULE 5: Lighting, Electricals & Ventilation MODULE 6: The Design Process MODULE 7: Concept Boards & Presentation Techniques MODULE 8: Spatial Planning & Floor Plans MODULE 9: The Business of Interior Design MODULE 10: Budgets & Project Management (View Full Module Descriptions at the Bottom of the Page!) This course has been specially put together to reflect a relevant and practical approach towards Interior Design in Ghana. As a practicing Interior Designer in Ghana for over 13 years, Natalie will share real life successes and failures, granting you a behind the scenes look into the realities of this profession.


GHS 1,680.00


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What is it?

In this first module we'll explore the definition of Interior Design and what the role of an Interior Designer is. Let's make sure you know what you're getting yourself into and get you amped for the journey ahead! Take a couple of quizzes at the end of this module to discover your personal design style and get to know your personality to understand what will drive your Design journey- we're digging deep!

Elements & Principles

At the core of every design practice are the founding pillars that serve as guidelines and laws. Think of these 7 Elements and 7 Principles of Design as the ingredients to a tried & tested winning recipe of Good Design. Learn them,  understand them, apply them... and then break them at your own risk and reward! 

The Design Process

Taking on a design project can be overwhelming- where do you start from and how do you keep track of all your ideas? The Design Process is a methodological step-by-step approach to managing your design project. This process ensures that you tackle your design challenge with informed creativity and due diligence. It will be a learned life-long tool you can apply not only to your design projects but to any large task you are faced with. 

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