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Online Course 


A content-packed online Introduction course to Interior Design covering the fundamental principles and guidelines for creating beautiful spaces.  This online course is great for budding designers interested in an Interior Design career, and design enthusiasts keen to apply a professional touch to their personal home projects. Natalie guides you through the 10 modules via videos, worksheets and Facebook live sessions. Modules will be released through an online member portal every Tuesday & Saturday (2 modules per week). You'll be able to access released modules at your own time and convenience! 

This course has been specially put together to reflect a relevant and practical approach towards Interior Design in Ghana.  As a practicing Interior Designer in Ghana for over 12 years, Natalie will share real life successes and failures, granting you a behind the scenes look into the realities of this profession.

Participants will have access to a private Facebook group page during the 5-week course duration and receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion!


“Very insightful presentation. I learnt new things and I will surely be at the next workshop."

Petit Eric Acquah, Influencer | INFLUENCER WORKSHOP

“It was well organised. The content was informative and the practical aspect of it was also well executed. I feel it was a good use of 2hours on a Saturday."


“Great! Well organised workshop. Informative. Interactive. Localised. Chance to discuss on-the-ground Ghana/ Accra working realities. Chance to see workings of other local companies and to network for industry collaboration. Natalie has worked hard on her professional relationships, her network loves her, and by extension, we are taken seriously with collaboration possibilities opened to us."

Senanu Arkutu, Founder / Daar Living | INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP

“The Interior Design Workshop was great. The 8 weeks went quite fast but a good foundation was laid. I enjoyed learning from Natalie because she is knowledgeable and teaches with passion. It was great to hear some of her life experience in the field and get valuable advice on how to avoid some of the mistakes she made. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to venture into Interior Design."

Carl Moulomba, CEO / Painter of the Sky | INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP

“Natalie is a very dedicated and passionate teacher. We covered almost everything imaginable on Interior Design in those 8 weeks. This has been an amazing learning experience❤."

Elikem Amy Akafo, Lead Designer / Gridline Design Studio | INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP

“It was a very insightful training of which I’m glad I partook. Definitely a mind opener."

Kayila Kedze-Kaditey, Entrepreneur | INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP

“Great workshop. Very insightful. Loved it!"

Mame Damptey, Executive Assistant / Avant Dynamics | INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP

“Best workshop ever. Intensive and hands on. Learnt soo much."

Martha Wristberg, Student | INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOP